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We are a team of highly experienced immigration lawyers who can help ease your immigration process and relieve you of all your worries.

Our service gives you an immigration lawyer, lets you file online

An immigration lawyer will get in touch with you and provide professional representation and expert advice. We will guide you throughout the process and make sure you get a favorable outcome.
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02. Marriage Green Card
We can help you secure a marriage green card, allowing you to live and work anywhere you want in the United States
Immigrant Workers
01. US Citizenship
With our services, you have increased chances of being eligible and securing a US citizenship.
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03. Immigrant Worker

We are committed to helping immigrant workers and resolving their various issues.

We are best bet at immigration success

We are highly professional, competent and dedicated at what we do. We have helped many immigrants over the years and received tremendous praise.

Here’s how we can help you!

Our services are characterized by three important factors given below:



All your information is safe and secure with us. We take client confidentiality very seriously.



We are well known for our professional legal advice, assistance and support.



We have years of experience in the field and understand the various intricacies and complexities of Immigration Law


“I am so happy to have worked with Immigrant Freedom. They are very courteous. They make sure to follow-up on everything and keep you in the loop.”

Edmond M Sturm

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