How Long After the Immigration Interview for a Green Card in United States

It is important to know the time it will take to get a green card after an immigration interview.

The amount of time it takes for someone to get their green card after the interview with USCIS varies depending on what type of green card they are applying for, and if they have any criminal convictions.

There are three types of green cards: employment-based, family-based, or diversity visa lottery.

For employment-based green cards, it can take anywhere from 4 months to 3 years depending on how much experience the person has in their field and if there is a labor certification required.

Family-based green cards can take up to 2 years if there are no criminal convictions involved.

What are the steps in the green card interview process?

The first step is to complete and submit an application for a green card. This will be followed by a background check and fingerprinting. After this, you will attend your immigration interview at your local USCIS office. You will need to bring:
-A copy of your passport or other photo ID
-Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
-Any evidence that demonstrates that you have lived together as husband and wife with your spouse during the past two years, such as utility bills, lease agreements, copies of work schedules or school records, photographs or videos of activities together
-Original documents from any countries where you have been married before.

Additionally you can contact an immigration attorney to receive help regarding the process.

How long after the immigration interview for a green card in the United States can I expect to receive my green card?

The time it takes to receive a green card after an immigration interview depends on the type of green card you are applying for. If you are applying for a work permit, student visa, or some other type of temporary visa, the wait is usually only a few weeks.
If you are applying for permanent residency through employment or family sponsorship, the process can take up to six months. If your application is denied, it could take years before you have another opportunity to apply again. The best way you can increase your chances to get a green card is by receiving help from immigration lawyers in your area.

Depending on what type of green card you are applying for, the wait time ranges from just a few weeks to several months.

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